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The real burger

Biting into a juicy burger is one of life’s absolute
tastes, which brings to you the British taste with
every bite. With SIX different tastes, toppings,
and cooking style… Every burger bite at Arugula
is an adventure.

Original taste of fish

Authentically fried with an exceptional taste
that beat any other. A wide range of fishplates,
all served with your favorite chips that are full
of Crunchiness to blow your mind

For every taste

The iconic Italian taste with our unparalleled
touch will make you fall in love with every cheesy
bite and crispy edges.

Welcome to Arugula

It’s where the freshness is a priority, the cod is fried to order, and every bite is considered a new experience.

Our world-class chefs make everything original; The taste, the experience, and the ambience with a masterpiece on each plate.

With a wide range of plates and cuisines, you will find the perfect meal that is hard to beat anywhere.

Happy Tasters

The Cod & chips plate is insane! I loved every bite and the place is so relaxing.
Definitely not my last trial.


Happy Tasters

The quality and quantity of food are perfect.
The food is delicious and the restaurant has an iconic chilling vibe. Great experience!


Happy Tasters

Efficient staff, perfect presentation of food and really quick!
Thanks for the great experience




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